Martine Schaffer

Chief Executive Officer

Iam passionate about creating organisations that impact South African society. I took on the leadership position at The Click Foundation in 2011 and started by researching and conceptualizing the role that the organization could take in impacting education through the use of technology. For the previous 7 years I was one of the most vocal supporters of skills retention in the country. Born and bred in Durban I joined Homecoming Revolution in 2004 when funding was granted. I turned a small communications campaign into an internationally recognised service-led organisation which works closely with private and public companies, parastatals and the public sector to help bring South African skills back to South Africa.

I studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem after school, returning to South Africa where I worked in advertising and PR.  I spread my wings and went to London in 1989 where I ended up staying for 14 years working in various marketing capacities in the retail industry and as the marketing director for a lifestyle management and concierge company. In 2003, I returned to South Africa where I was head-hunted to head up the Homecoming Revolution where I continue to be involved by sitting on the board of Homecoming Revolution Africa.  In 2007, I participated in the Imagination Leadership Course at the Gordon Institute of Business Science and completed Common Purpose International’s leadership programme in 2009. I was nominated as a Mail&Guardian Top 100 Women in 2009 and 2010.  I have also undertaken many speaking engagements both internationally and locally where I love sharing my story and motivating others.

My wish for the future of South Africa is that we get through these troubled teenage years and we emerge as the shining star that our citizens and the world expect us to be.

If I had an extra hour a day I would do yoga more regularly.

Wise words I would hand down to the next generation – my father always taught me to treat every person I encounter with respect.  I have lived my life by this rule.  And of course nothing comes without hard work!

My favourite things are my books and my memories…

The person I admire most… I admire the women of South Africa – every single day we are inspired by gracious heroines who give so selflessly to others often  without anything in return.