Our kids are
counting on us.

Please offer your support for:
1. Food supply
2. Protective gear
3. e-Learning

About Us

Click 123 is an initiative of The Click Foundation, a non-profit organisation that focuses on closing the gaps in education through technology.

During this Covid-19 crisis, the communities in which The Click Foundation operates are extremely vulnerable to food and health insecurity. We are therefore adapting our expertise to help tackle these complex factors impacting a child’s ability to learn and flourish.

How do we plan to keep children healthy and learning?

By doing what we do best – leveraging existing infrastructure, partnering and applying our well honed implementation skills to give kids what they need to grow and thrive today and tomorrow:



Food Supply

Putting food on the table through the OnePeople Fund and other community based partners.



Protective Gear

Providing protective gear to our communities, including teachers, facilitators, and kids.




Assisting parents and kids to access and use home learning content. Click here to visit our platform.

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