Success Stories

Phakani Primary School

It was so great to receive feedback like this from the Phakani Primary School facilitators regarding one of the learners

“Lynette is a grade 3 learner attached at Phakani primary. She started in the program in 2015 when she was doing grade 1(one). She is now in grade 3 and in lesson 70 and doing very good in each lesson she passes on. Ever since she started the program, she is now able to read and repeat what she sees or hears from the lessons.

She is very good in pronouncing words and sentences and even able to read without any audio help.  When reading you could see that she is enjoying and understands what she is reading and what we as the facilitators like the most is that she seems enjoying the program and the lessons. When talking to her teacher she opened to us that Lynette is also good in class, she is doing great and have good reading skills. We are no more helping her when it comes to login her, she does that by herself without even referring from the card provided. We wish her all the best luck as she is continuing with the program”


Phakani Primary School Facilitators


Thabang Primary School

In January 2017 we launched Reading Eggs with the help of American Tower Corporation with Grade R-4 at Thabang Primary in Soweto. The principal noted that absenteeism had come down dramatically since the introduction of the programme.

“Dear Click Foundation
As a facilitator I am confident enough to say that we have really grown from strength to strength it has only been 3 months since we have been introduced to Reading eggs. In starting this program we have seen numerous benefits. The learners queue patiently for their computer lessons.
They love the aspect of learning which it provides, it does not only teach them how to read, spell and write English but it also improves their confidence and behaviour. Reading Eggs helps learners a lot, they learn different kind of words each and everyday they come to the lab. Every learner is different and unique therefore they won’t learn things at the same pace. Reading eggs program is an incredible initiative that helps many learners to learn English. We are proud of the learners as they receive gold, silver and bronze.
We see amazing results and we printed report cards for grade 3 and 4 so we are really making progress. Reading eggs does not help learners only but it helps us as well. Thank you for the amazing program that is colourful and fun as we learn for a purpose.
Kind regards
Thabang Primary School Facilitator – Soweto”

Mvangatini Primary School

This the kind of email that makes it so worth while. This school in rural Mpumalanga is beyond amazing and we are so extremely proud of them.

“Dear Click Foundation Team.
On the 14th of September we were visited by officials from the DBE national office accompanied by District Official and our own Circuit Manager. Their purpose was to conduct a survey on rural education.

We were the only school in Mpumalanga that was selected for this purpose and that has definitely put us on a map. Let me report to the entire Click Foundation team that they were impressed by our efforts in making ICT part of our learning and teaching strategy. The foundation’s input on this is so profound and the team was so impressed to see our learners diligently engaging with the Readings eggs programme. They could not believe that you even employed a tutor in making sure that the program runs smoothly.

As a school we are so thankful to be under your mightiest wings. You believed in us when very few did. For that we are thankful and very proud to be a member of such a loving family. From the bottom of our hearts we like to express our sincere gratitude to the foundation. We also promise to make sure that our dream jointly are realised against whatever odd.

With thanks and sincere regards
Mvangatini Primary”

HA Jack Primary School

We received this email from  the principal of HA Jack Primary in Johannesburg. It is always so rewarding to receive feedback like this.

“We are so grateful to The Click Foundation, not only for the computers but for the access to learning through computers that our learners now have.  They absolutely love their computer lessons and, as a school, we are amazed at the improvement we have seen not only in academic performance but also in confidence and behaviour.  Learners quietly queue up to enter the computer lab and once they have their headphones on they are lost in their little worlds.

We wish every school had access to this kind of learning. This is how school should be – FUN!

Kind Regards
Mr Ishmael Mashau, Principal, HA Jack Primary School, Johannesburg”


Mvangatini Primary School

The leaner pictured here (Kekana Nokukhanya) is one of our learners who have shown a great improvement and consistency in English. Despite being intelligent, the programme has met its match in her.  Kekana’s marks are evidence of how her work has shown consistency and excellency despite the change in grades phase. This is what she had to say :

“I like that they tell you that do this and do that and I do it and that makes my English so much, that is why I write this letter. The programme helped me so much to speak and write. At first my mom and I, we are trying to speak English but we can speak English ourselves now.”

Kekana Nokukhanya”