Literacy – Reading Eggs

The Click FoundationThe Click Foundation’s literacy project supports the Department of Basic Education’s policy goal of all children learning to read fluently, and with comprehension, by the end of Grade 3.

The Reading Eggs online programme :

  • Supports acquisition of foundation phase literacy skills and builds reading knowledge from single sounds through to comprehension
  • Provides visual and auditory instruction (reading games, activities, songs, animation, rewards)
  • Repetition, revision and consolidation of skills
  • Individualised (1:1) and self-paced learning
  • Requires only basic facilitation


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Click here for information about Reading Eggs

In addition to providing access to Reading Eggs, The Click Foundation focuses on:

  • Providing training, support and implementation
  • A partnership as a multi-year intervention
  • Real time data analytics
  • Ongoing impact assessment

Our implementation model is to leverage off existing unused or under-utilised computer labs in schools. These environments are managed by facilitators. This has been a job creation opportunity for the local community and we have also employed facilitators from schools into our organization, as new opportunities arise.