What we do

The Click Foundation

The Click Foundation was established in 2012 to find ways of using technology in education to pursue outcomes based interventions that can meaningfully impact learners. The current education system is not achieving the results our youth deserve so innovation and a different mind-set is required to break this stalemate. The Foundation believes that, through effective implementation, technology can shift the paradigm and make a significant impact in an efficient, cost effective and scalable manner.

Research by Stellenbosch University (May 2016) shows that “weak student performance in literacy and numeracy in Foundation Phase (Grades 1-3), constitutes one of the major factors leading to poor learning outcomes in later grades” with less than half of all students in South Africa learning to read for meaning in this critical period.

The primary focus of the Click Foundation has therefore been the implementation of an online phonetics based English literacy programme. The programme offers learners the opportunity to work at their own pace through fun and enjoyable activities, navigating their learning journey by means of technology. View our Quick Facts to see our reach and geographic spread.

Through these interventions, the Click Foundation has also created employment opportunities for over 100 members of local communities and has trained and upskilled over 500 principals, teachers and facilitators.

More recently they have also begun piloting various maths programmes.

The long term objective is to partner with government and hand over the Click Foundation template on how to implement and manage such projects such that they can be rolled out in all the schools nationally. In this way the department will have the benefit of the lessons learnt in order to scale nationally.