Tumelo Moekoena

Regional Administrator

Iwas born and bred in Alexandra Township. I’m the second child of three. We were all raised by one parent, my mom, who played two roles in our upbringing. Living with a single parent wasn’t easy especially for a young boy growing up without any guidance from my father. It was hard but my mother filled that void that was missing even though it wasn’t the same she gave me her word, “you will be a better father than your dad one day” in which by that stage I didn’t understand what she meant. My mother played a huge role in our upbringing. She was very strict when it came to education.

I started school at Marlboro Gardens Combined School where I spent 10 years of my life before I left Marlboro for Centurion Hoerskool where I matriculated in 2009. The following year I enrolled at Parktown College studying Business Management but due to lack of funds at home I couldn’t finish my course so therefore I had to go look for a job which was hard until I decided to volunteer my services at a school called H.A Jack Primary School doing coaching and offering free advice to the youth. Coaching kid’s really kick-started my career because I saw a different side of me that made me appreciate what I was doing for the kid’s without asking for anything in return. Bear in mind I did sports from a young age and the only thing that I fell in love with was soccer. I’m currently still playing soccer. I always had a dream to play professional. Things didn’t turn out the way as I had dreamed they would so therefore my goal was groom kid’s to become competitive and not be afraid to follow their dreams.

In 2013 an opportunity arises while I was still at H.A Jack from The Click Foundation about a Facilitator role. Mr. Mashau who is the Principal at the school asked me if I was interested in the position and I said “YES” with no hesitation so that’s when I connected with The Click Foundation. I worked as a facilitator for more than 4 years. I therefore applied for the Regional Administrator at The Click Foundation in 2016 but unfortunately I was unsuccessful so that didn’t put me demotivate me but instead it made me stronger.

In 2017 I told myself that I needed a new challenge so I received an email saying there’s an available post which is the same position I had applied for so with no hesitation I applied and with the grace of God my application was successful so I had achieved my goal.  Being part of the Click Team was the best thing that has happened to me.

One thing I would do if I had an extra hour: I would visit an orphanage

Things I like: Sports and going out

One place I would like to visit in the world: Old Trafford, Manchester

Quote I live by: I don’t know where I’m going but I’m on my way