Rachel Kagufa

Regional Administrator

I had a childhood full of good memories that taught and inspired me to work hard in order to achieve my goals. Good memories have really the power to be remembered. I graduated from the University of Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a BCom in Economic Sciences. I have completed Higher Certificate in Management (HCM) courses at Foundation for Professional Development (FPD) in 2015.

I am passionate about assisting the abandoned and homeless children especially the orphans who lost hope to find love, shelter, protection and happiness because I believe that every child counts. I love reading constructive and inspiring books. I was introduced to The Click foundation by my daughter who completed 4 Maps on Reading Eggs Programme with excellent results in Grade R. Based on Education, The Click Foundation gives a child access to a self-dependent, confident and stable life. I am happy to be part of the Team.
My wish for the future of South Africa is that the child’s education and safety should be among the priorities of the nation.

If I had an extra hour a day I would go to drama school.
Wise words I would hand down to the next generation: Be open, honest and caring.
My favourite things are reading, cooking, music, sharing stories with my family and friends.
The person I admire most, there are few people whom I appreciate: my Lord Jesus-Christ for His unconditional Love, my parents who taught me to respect others, to help them where I can, my husband for his love and care. Thank you Nicola Harris from the bottom of my heart for blessing and helping my family. We are very grateful. May the Lord remember you, bless you and your family.
The one place I would love to visit and why is Israel (Jerusalem) to see different places the Holy Bible is talking about.