Lolo Mokubung

Database Administrator

Lolo Mokubung is a young at heart,  hard-working individual who is passionate about computers and technology. One of his fondest memories is of the first computer his mother bought him in 1998. It  ran on windows 95, took forever to start up, and it broke a couple of times. It cost her an arm and a leg to maintain, and this is one of the reasons why he decided to study IT, after matriculating. And the more information he took in the more he wanted.

He’s a Boston graduate with an IT Qualification. He lives in Alexandra Township, and one of the greatest life lessons his mother has taught him is that, “I have a choice to be better than what my environment may at times say I am.”

He has a deep seated love for visual art (Photography, Painting, Sculptures), music and literature, and history.

He was introduced to The Click Foundation, through Sims Tabernacle Pre-School in Alexandra, where he was volunteering. He then went on to facilitate the Reading Eggs programme there, which was a wonderful experience. He feels blessed to have this opportunity and to be surrounded by individuals who are self-less, loving and passionate about education.

My wish for the future of South Africa is for our country to continue to be a home and a place of refuge for all, but ultimately a truly democratic state with citizens who know and understand their role in society.

If I had an extra hour a day I would continue with my personal journey of enlightenment, researching, reading and processing what I’m taking in.

Wise words I would hand down to the next generation: “Always look on the bright side of life.” Always remember that whatever situation you might find yourself in, whether good or bad. That you’re the best person to experience it and that your experiences will help us understand the world, humanity and the our existence.

My favourite things are:  Music (how people with differences can come together and create a wow moment what will be enjoyed by many for a long time) and Books (How a person’s experiences and imagination can open up other peoples worlds).

The person I admire most: My mother.