Colleen Williams

Regional Administrator

Iwas born in Johanneburg and I grew up in East London. I moved to Johannesburg when I started primary school. My father worked for a printing company and my mother worked in finance so having a computer at home (that we all had to share), was a necessity. I took the subject CAT (computers application technology) in grade 10 of my high school, regardless of the other subjects I had to take with it, it was always my first choice. I took the subject in order to learn more than what was outside the computer but I wanted to know what made it run the way it did. After matriculating I went worked for a small company called Aero Gym in Soweto, I worked there as a receptionist. The environment was amazing and the people were great but after I fell pregnant in 2014 all my plans changed. I needed to grow, I needed a challenge and I needed to develop more skills so I left my job in hopes of finding something bigger. While looking for a new career, I stayed with mother which was the best I could ever think of. After a series of bad interviews and dodgy vacancies I found The Click Foundation through an online job portal. During the interview stages I learnt more and more about The Click Foundation and fell in love with the purpose instantaneously. I am very passionate about seeing South Africa’s youth progress more now than ever.

If I had an extra hour: I would spend more time with my family doing activities.

My favourite thing are: Hunting, Cooking and doing outdoor activities.

The person I admire the most: My children and myself. I am a great mother.

The one place I would like to visit: Rome