Claressa Jooste

Regional Operations Co-ordinator

Claressa is a deep thinker, wondering about the reasons for life and feeling there is more to life than what appears on the surface. Growing up in the small community of Jamestown just outside Stellenbosch, it was always her desire to get involve with activities involving people.

She would find peace of mind and contentment free from the stress of living by taking time to enjoy the outdoors, observing and thinking about life.

She was introduced to Click Foundation through Weber Gedenk Primary in Jamestown, where she had to facilitate the Reading Eggs programme, which was a wonderful experience. Extremely excited to journey together with the Click Foundation to meaningfully impact education and individuals.

My wish for the future of South Africa is that we work together in the true spirit of Ubuntu to achieve greatness.

If I had an extra hour a day I would do modern dancing

Wise words I would hand down to the next generation are “When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably just around the corner.” – Joyce Meyer

My favourite things music, reading and hiking

The person I admire the most, there a few: My Mother, children and Joyce Meyer

The one place I would love to visit is Isreal