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Established in 2012 as an educational skunkworks, The Click Foundation has been testing innovative technology-based solutions with the aim of meaningfully impacting education for individuals.

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Our focus has been on Foundation Phase literacy using an online phonetics based English programme.  Learners create their own learning journey in a fun and motivational way working through the programme at their own pace

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We are reaching over 9,000 learners in 4 provinces across the country, following them through the early years of learning.

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We love it when facilitators use their own initiative in how to explain things to the learners. Zwelisha Primary Schools explanation of moving onto the next lesson. ...

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Prince George Primary School has really been exemplary since their launch in February. The facilitators did a training session with the parents to show them all about the programme (own initiative) and they did a certificate handing out ceremony to learners who had completed maps during the first term. Well done. ...

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One of our small ECD centres in Alex is in desperate need of 3 computers or laptops in fairly good condition.
Please can you let us know if you would be able to help.

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Hi, Whats your guys target age group? ...

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Received from one of our facilitators in our Franschhoek schools yesterday:

"I would like to start of saying thank you to you and every on the Reading Eggs team. This was an amazing experience so far and a great opportunity to broaden my learning skills.

My first term was very successful. We did not have any complications or problems. All the classes happened, and i am pleased with how the tern went.

The classes took to Reading Eggs very well, they learned very quickly and seemed to have enjoyed every moment of their leaning experience. This made learning easy by playing and learning a second language while at it.

Teachers responded very well to their learners after reading eggs, they could see improvement as well, and were surprised at how some of their learners did.

I am looking toward to the second term and continuing with the program."

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